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What is Manchego.Shop?

We are a family from La Solana, a small town in the heart of La Mancha. We send manchego cheese made by small artisan cheesemakers from our town to most countries in Europe. Here it is still usual seeing shepherds and manchega sheep grazing next to any dirt road. At home we always have eaten the best manchego cheese. Six different manchego cheese brands coexist in our town, each one with its singularities, but all of them make great quality and tasty cheeses. They are families of shepherds who take care of their own cattle to guarantee the excellence of their manchego cheeses.

cueva chimeneas queso artesano

How do you send manchego cheese?

When we receive an order through our website we go find the cheese to the chosen farm, put it vacuum packed in a cardboard box perfect for gifts and send it to any place in Europe. We are working to be able to send manchego cheese anywhere around the world. Our goal is that anybody in the world could enjoy manchego cheese as much as we do.

quesos artesanos chimeneas

How did you come out with the idea?

We love travelling. When we travel, we always carry several manchego cheeses from our town, either semicurado (young), curado (mature), Viejo reserva (old) or inside manchego olive oil. We like offering manchego cheese from our hometown wherever we go. This family tradition has given us many friends around the world, especially in the United States and Japan, where we found a surprising passion for manchego cheese. Thank to these trips we have discovered the extraordinary popularity of manchego cheese everywhere in the world. We consider manchego cheese as the best present, the one that best represents us as manchego people and the one that gets us more compliments. This is why we always send manchego cheese to our friends for especial events, and this is how we came out with the idea of sending manchego cheese from our hometown to everywhere around the world.